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Honesty, integrity & experience

We are a woman-owned process piping & fabrication business. A family-run, customer-driven company for 40 years, serving the Carolinas & beyond with dependable service & excellent emergency response time. We are a proud WBE based in Peachland, NC.

Company Snapshot

  • Fortune 500 companies make up over 80% of our customer base.

  • Safety Award Winning

  • Licensed in NC & SC.

  • Incorporated in 1983.

  • Family owned and operated.


Our Mission

To provide top quality work at affordable prices for the manufacturing industry in the safest manner possible.

Formed in 1983, Southern Piedmont Piping and Fabrication (AKA Southern Piedmont Piping) began as a small operation, and today services some of the world’s most successful manufacturers. From basic millwright services to full system installation, we provide top quality work at a competitive price.

We pride ourselves in our 24/7 on-call emergency response services. We also take the safety and health of our coworkers very seriously. We have a very in-depth, detailed safety program that is constantly evolving to ensure the safety of our team members and meet the requirements of our customers. With weekly tailgate talks, annual training, daily job site inspections and so much more, we are constantly striving to improve the safety of our work environment.

Industries Served

  • Aerospace & Defense.

  • Automotive.

  • Consumer Goods.

  • Oil & Gas.

  • Textiles.

  • Chemical.

  • Power and Automation Technology.

  • Packaging Solutions.

  • Food Processing.

  • Metal Forging.

  • Fiber Optics.

  • Building Materials.

  • General Contracting.

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